Email Marketing

Build, grow, and communicate with your unique audience.


It’s easy to dismiss email as old-school marketing but it’s still effective. It’s also the only audience list you fully own and control.

If you’re not utilizing email marketing to communicate with your audience, you’re leaving a lot of business on the table.

While it’s easy to build and message to an audience on a social media platform, you maintain no control over those fan bases. In fact if one of those social networks were to disappear, you’d lose the audience entirely.

Email is a direct line to your customer and when used wisely, can produce fast results.

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email marketing includes

Platform Setup

While we’re fans of Mailchimp, we can work with the platform of your choice.

Form Design & Placement

Ensure your list has multiple methods to subscribe.


Consistent messaging is important to maintain an interested audience.


As your list grows, you’ll want to segment your list based on recurring behaviors.


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