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Project Summary

Rillito Park Foundation

Lineup of horses at Rillito Race Track

One of our earlier projects when just starting out was a new website for Tucson’s historic and well-known quarter horse racing track. At that time the old site was confusing to visitors, dated, and not very functional.

We were fortunate to find the perfect WordPress theme for the track that fit their needs to a tee. It also made for easy customization.


At the time, both the Race Track and the Rillito Park Foundation were combined into a single site. We split them apart into to separate sites, and and added racetrack related functionality to the track site, leaving the foundation site highly simplified, as the client wanted.


For this simple project, the client was able to separate the race track from the foundation leg of the organization and gain an updated look and feel for race tack website.

Additionally, the foundation site is able to drive traffic to the correct destination for the many associated organizations that use the grounds, including group sports, Heirloom Farmers Markets and the Jelk Studs Farm.

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